We are Doers from around the world

Leaders, creators and change-makers from diverse communities and countries—we believe climate action is in our hands now. We can not wait. We must act—as individuals, communities and organizations—without permission to accelerate action and share today’s best models in an open source spirt that everyone can take part in.


Johan Rockström
Stockholm Resilience Centre, Executive Director

Margarita Mora
Conservation International


Ólafur Grímsson
Former President of Iceland, Chairman of Arctic Circle

Jack Hidary
Hidary Foundation


Christiana Figueres
Former Chief Climate Negotiator, United Nations


Anote Tong
Former President of the Republic of Kiribati

Sharan Burrow
International Trade Union Confederation, General Secretary

Sekita Grant
Greenlining Institute


Joi Ito
MIT Media Arts Lab

David Skorton
Smithsonian Institution