This is only the beginning.

The text is short.
The mission is Big.


Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson
Former President of Iceland


The Roadmap is an invitation; a celebration; a call to action. An invitation to all to become engaged in a global network of committed citizens. A celebration of a new model for change based on the open and democratic transformation produced by information technology. A call to action because climate change is already upon us and time is getting shorter.

The Roadmap is not text created by professional negotiators. It was drafted in November 2016 by concerned and informed individuals who came together in Marrakech with the common cause to outline new ways to produce constructive change; in our own communities and countries; all over the world.

It is not the final product. It is a beginning. The Roadmap enables you to join others; explains why and how we can all be active participants. The text is short. The mission is big.


We believe the time is now. The time to take action. The time to do what has to be done to bring about the changes outlined in the Paris accords. The time to stop talking about What and start figuring out How.

We have come together because of these shared beliefs, a shared commitment to a common cause, and our steadfast resolve to not wait for formal decrees or agreements, but to act in parallel and in cooperation with governments and official agencies; to move with all possible speed towards achieving our mission.

A mission which will require the hard work and dedication of each and every one of us as we do everything in our power as individuals, but also as we galvanize businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, city planners, communities, people and politicians—all those who share our purpose.

The old model of relying primarily on states, governments and industrial corporations is no longer sufficient. We need a new model where everyone can become a doer, an agent of change. A model that points the way, transcends boundaries and invites all to join the journey.

The technologies and nature based solutions needed to create clean energy economies already exist. We simply have to make the roadmap available to everyone and demonstrate that taking new paths will lead to enhanced and shared prosperity, abundance of opportunities and a safer world.

For us to succeed we must make this a movement that is powered by the people, serving the interests of everyone. We must make this open-source and create a global operating system where the best ideas rise and are implemented at scale.

We recognize the impact of our actions on all people across the planet. And the disproportionate impact of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable populations. Creating environmental equity is of the highest priority when it comes to securing the future for all humanity.

We must therefore bring about the equitable diffusion and dissemination of the technologies that already exist. Make them accessible around the world. Put the solutions in the hands of people everywhere, recognizing the rights of those who struggle daily to make a living. Foster exponential implementation and vastly accelerate success.

We must identify best practices, methodologies and models. Focusing on what is being tried and what is working. Then make it possible for others to adopt the practice and for people everywhere to optimize success in real-time.

We must demonstrate that solutions and practices are sustainable and are a better financial outcome than business as usual.

We must raise the value of moral currency. Hold companies and people accountable for their actions. Allow consumers, employees and investors to make sound, informed decisions with nature in mind and to reward businesses that do.

We must outline economic and industry models that are already succeeding. And it means developing new ones. Show how the paths forward can be profitable, how capital markets can advance our goals, and how humanity and nature can live in balance to the benefit of both.

We must create a global virtual community that is in constant and continuous dialogue. A nexus of bold ideas, brave thinking, deep listening, powerful storytelling, new ways of looking at problems and finding solutions; and celebrating wisdom of traditional cultures. A best practices warehouse where everyone can contribute, and that anyone can use.

We must implement a real-time system of measurement. A way to truly gauge and understand what is working, what is not, and exactly what is being achieved. Tracking progress. Sharing solutions. Correcting mistakes. Honoring success.

We must spearhead a transformation which opens new and promising avenues, encourages new lifestyles, and shows how homeowners, industries, cities and states, banks and businesses, farmers and foresters, workers and managers can all be productive doers.

We must recognize that enlightened policies, programs and projects can accelerate change, bring efficient solutions to problems large and small; empower people and companies at every level; and help countries to find paths to modern economies, livable cities and communities.

We must formally acknowledge that the global commons belongs to all of humanity, that the future of the oceans and conservation, restoration and regeneration of nature are essential to our success, and that local communities and indigenous societies on traditional territories, whether on land or water, can be the most effective stewards.

These things must be done and we hope that the halls of negotiating conventions will be inspired to join the progress and cooperation made on the crowded road of countless doers—people around the world in diverse global coalitions, enabled by innovative technologies and the democratic forces of information.

This is the mission. A roadmap of both beliefs and intentions.

We will continue to listen and to learn by doing, and to take actions that work.

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