The Roadmap was conceived of in November of 2016 at a climate conference in Marrakech.

In January, 2017, the plan was presented to over 120 delegates representing 60 countries at the Seventh International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Assembly.

In February it was shared with tech and innovation leaders in Silicon Valley, and was highlighted as part of the Smithsonian Institute's Earth Optimism Summit in April.

Our next meeting will be in Reykjavík in October, 2017.


Our Shared Journey

We are Doers from around the world.

Leaders, creators and change-makers from diverse communities and countries, taking climate action and fueling a movement.

A movement where individuals and organizations act without permission to accelerate action on climate change, and connect today’s best models in an open source platform everyone can take part in.

Arctic Circle, President
Former President of Iceland

“The Roadmap is an invitation; a celebration; a call to action. An invitation to all to become engaged in a global network of committed citizens. A celebration of a new model for change based on the open and democratic transformation produced by information technology. A call to action because climate change is already upon us and time is getting shorter.

The Roadmap is not text created by professional negotiators. It was drafted in November 2016 by concerned and informed individuals who came together in Marrakech with the common cause to outline new ways to produce constructive change; in our own communities and countries; all over the world. It is not the final product. It is a beginning. The Roadmap enables you to join others; explains why and how we can all be active participants. The text is short. The mission is big.”

Brooke Runnette
National Geographic, EVP

"We are on a journey to use storytelling to move and inspire people to take action on climate and protecting our natural world"

Anote Tong
Former President of the Republic of Kiribati

“For us, climate change is not an event in the future. It's an event that we're dealing with now. Our entire survival is at stake.”

Joi Ito
MIT Media Lab, Director

“We are on a journey to create a new kind of design and use it to address climate change.” ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Davida Herzl
Aclima, CEO

“At this critical juncture, when the relationship between our species and our planet hangs in the balance, we can and we must build a new class of tools that make the invisible world around us visible so that we can map the pollutants and greenhouse gases block-by-block, street-by-street and even building-by-building.”

Bill McDonough
McDonough Innovation

“We are setting out a new language of carbon—living, durable and fugitive—we can design with carbon safely, productively and profitably for generations to come.”

Maria Zuber
MIT, Vice President for Research, Professor of Geophysics

“We are on a journey to apply science and technology to develop new paradigms for accelerating action around climate change.”

Adnan Amin
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Director-General

"We are on a journey to advance global collaboration for a sustainable future based on clean renewable energy."

Rich Devaul
X, Engineering Director

“It’s so hard to do almost anything in this world. But attacking a problem that is twice as big or 10 times as big is not twice or 10 times as hard.”

Etosha Cave
Opus 12, Founder

“Our vision for the world is that we no longer haphazardly throw away carbon dioxide, but instead harness it as a valuable feed stock for products and fuels we currently use today.”

Andy Karsner
Emerson Collective, Managing Partner

“We’ve reached a point where we have to activate all members of society and have everybody be a stakeholder—a “Doer”—to really democratize climate action. We have to activate people for who they are and meet them where they are, and sensitize them to what they can do, accentuating and empowering their capabilities, in their own domains.”

Peter Seligmann
Conservation International, Chairman & CEO

"We are on a journey to ensure that all societies prosper without undercutting the ecological foundation that all humanity depends upon."

Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University, President

"We are on a journey to ensure that all societies prosper without undercutting the ecological foundation that all humanity depends upon."

Jack Hidary
Hidary Foundation, Chairman

"We don’t solve coding issues. We try and solve the big grand challenge. It is a democratization—opening up of the Moonshot ecosystem."

Sylvia Earl

"Our past, our present, and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now.”