We must outline economic and industry models that are already succeeding. And it means developing new ones.

Show how the paths forward can be profitable,

how capital markets can advance our goals, and how humanity and nature can live in balance to the benefit of both.

The Roadmap_New Models.jpg

We must implement a

real-time system of measurement.

A way to truly gauge and understand what is working, what is not, and exactly what is being achieved. Tracking progress. Sharing solutions. Correcting mistakes. Honoring success.

The Roadmap_Measurement.jpg

We must formally acknowledge that

the global commons belongs to all of humanity,

that the future of the oceans and conservation, restoration and regeneration of nature are essential to our success, and that local communities and indigenous societies on traditional territories, whether on land or water, can be the most effective stewards.

The Roadmap_Global Commons.jpg